For team captains

For players in a team

How it works?

  1. Signup at Simply provide your name and email. You should receive an email soon after with a password that you can use to login. This may take a few minutes depending on your account. Once logged in, click on the menu button , select My Account and then load your photo, and change your password if you desire so.

  2. Be in a team. You can either:

    1. Create your own team, in which case you are the team Capitan and leading person of your team. Click on the menu button , then click on Create a team , fill the form, search and invite registered users to join your team and then click on the Create button. You can invite more players later on by clicking on My teams , then select the given team, and then click on Invite more players.

    2. Join an existing team. Click on the menu button , then click on Join A Team , find an available team near you, then click on Ask. Our webpage will send a request to the Capitan of that team and if the Capitan accepts your request you will be part of that team.

      You can create and join as many teams as you like. You can have a team among friends at school, among colleagues from the office, among family, etc.

  3. Create a planting event.This will create a file with information about the occasion you plan to plant trees. Click on the menu button , then click on Register A Planting Event , fill the form, then click on Register. Our webpage will send invitations to all players you selected.

    The record of this planting event will then appear in the Plant A Tree tab, where you can also track who is or not coming to this event, and edit the event if needed. In this same tab, you can also communicate with players from your team that are coming to plant or invite more people.

  4. Plant and record the planted trees. Go to the planting site on the given date and plant the trees. Take a selfie with each tree you plant and load your selfies in our web-page. For this, click on the menu button , then click on Plant A Tree , select the given planting event and then click on Register My Trees.Load one selfie for each tree you planted, once you added all you trees click on Upload all trees. If you were invited to plant trees to this event you are now done with your part.

    If you are the person who registered the planting event, ensure to take a group photo at the planting event and load it. For this, click on the menu button , then click on Plant A Tree , select the given planting event and click on the large team icon to load the team photo. In this same page, you can also check if all players loaded their trees by hoovering the mouse over each player. Once all payers loaded their trees click on Post, at which point you have done your part and your event will go live on our web-page.

Good luck in your race to plant trees and make our state, our world, a better place